Britney Inspired Gwyneth's Alcoholic Country Strong Character

January 7, 2011 By:
Britney Inspired Gwyneth's Alcoholic Country Strong Character

Britney Spears may be batshit slightly crazy, but I’ve never thought of her as a drunkard.

Apparently the folks who made Country Strong do though, since she’s the inspiration behind Gwyneth Paltrow’s character in the film!

The writer/director Shana Feste tells Fox411 , “You see a lot of these themes in real life. While I was writing the script a lot of those things that were happening with Britney Spears were very public.”

“She was shaving her head, and I saw how fixated we are as a society in building people up to see their downfall and then the pleasure we take in building them up again.

“Right when I finished the script, Michael Jackson had just passed away so it felt like it was a very timely story just borrowing from what I had seen in the media.”

Well there’s certainly no shortage of hot messes in Hollywood to draw inspiration from. I’m surprised she didn’t sprinkle a hint of Lindsay Lohan into the character.

As for Gwyn, she didn’t even think twice about Brit when preparing for the role—she just turned to her good friend Beyonce.

“The only reason I go through (a live performance at the recent CMA’s) was because of her,” she said. “Beyonce was in London and got me through it, then I got to Nashville and Faith (Hill) was so much help. All these things she told me I would never have known.”

I feel like we’ve been talking about Country Strong for weeks now, but the movie finally opens nationwide in theaters today!