Britney: I Forget I'm Famous

June 16, 2009 By:
Britney: I Forget I'm Famous

Britney Spears may be one of the biggest celebrities in the world, but one thing she'll never become is a diva. In fact, she often forgets she's famous.

During a new interview with British OK! magazine, Britney says that she forgets how famous she is, because to her, it's just a job. After the lights turn off, and the costumes come off, she's just "the same old silly Britney."

“I don’t look at myself as famous. That really freaks other celebrities out, because they do think of themselves as this goddess or this big celebrity, while I think of it as a job.”

She adds, “I go on stage and do my thing, and then I come off and I’m just like you, you know.”

When asked how the last two years have changed her as a person she said, “I don’t think it’s changed me at all,” adding, “I’m more experienced now and I’ve learned a lot, but I don’t think it’s changed me. I’m still the same old silly Britney – ha ha!”

She admits that she often times forgets just how famous she actually is and that her freedom sometimes has to be limited. “I know I’m famous but I don’t look at it like other people do. Sometimes it surprises me because I forget that I am famous. I do – I totally forget.”

We have to give it to Britney for never becoming a major diva. There are celebrities who only have a fraction of the fame she does that through diva fits and think they're God's gift to people. She's such a people person and is said to be one of the sweetest stars.