Britney Gets A Flat

January 8, 2008 By:
Britney Gets A Flat

Britney’s Back! How do we know? Well, naturally she caused a scene last night on Sunset Blvd. Brit-Brit returned from her little getaway with her new pap boy friend and sat behind the wheel of her car and started driving around.

She ended up getting a flat tire but continued to drive slowly with her flat tire causing really bad traffic. After a while she decided to stop the car and was given a ride back home by her best buds, the paps. She abandoned her $200k Mercedes on the side of the road. Finders keepers?

Please look how serious the pap looks in the picture above. He looks like his job and life depend on that one ride he is giving Britney Spears. I bet he has hopes that she might fall in love with him too.

After he dropped Britney off at her home, she dragged her assistant out again after 20 minutes to head to the Four Seasons Hotel. When she arrived at the Four Seasons in her assistant’s modest Toyota, the hotel told her that she isn't welcomed there anymore. She cried on the restaurant balcony for about 10 minutes before bolting out and heading to the Peninsula Hotel. The Peninsula also tried to brush the fallen pop star away, but ultimately decided to give her a room.