Britney: Every Day Is Like Groundhog Day

November 18, 2008 By:
Britney: Every Day Is Like Groundhog Day

Britney Spears' MTV documentary is gearing up to air next week, and if you’re like us, it’s right at the top of your Tivo queue. There’s just something about the pop princess that keeps us wanting more. And it seems the more we see of her, the more we want to know. The documentary, called Britney: For The Record, will give us yet another window into Brit’s crazy life. Insiders say she’s quoted in the doc as saying every day is like Groundhog Day.

There’s no excitement, there’s no passion. I have really good days, and then I have bad days," Britney laments.

“Even when you go to jail you know there’s the time when you’re going to get out. But in this situation, it’s never ending. It’s just like ‘Groundhog Day’ every day.”

She added, “When I tell them the way I feel, it’s like they hear but they’re really not listening.”

Britney: For The Record airs Sunday, November 30th at 10PM on MTV.