Britney Custody Battle Finalized

July 26, 2008 By:
Britney Custody Battle Finalized

Hallelujah! The Britney Spears vs. Kevin Federline custody battle is finally (and officially) over!

Here are some details:

--K-Fed's child support payments will go from $15,000K to $20,000 beginning July 15, 2008.

--K-Fed still gets full custody of the kids, and Britney is allowed two visits and one overnight per week. She will be able to 'gain' additional sleepovers by the end of the year, granted she doesn't do anything crazy.

--Brit has to pay K-Fed's $250,000 legal tab...ouch!

"She's thrilled," the pop star's attorney Laura Wasser told People. "To have more time with her kids has been her motivation to get well. In light of her outstanding conservatorship, she couldn't have asked for anything more."

After two long years, the judge finally ended their custody battle late Friday afternoon. Now Brit can finally concentrate on her career, and more importantly, her health.