Britney Considers Canceling Tour

February 2, 2009 By:
Britney Considers Canceling Tour

Oh oh just when we thought all was well at the Britney Spears household, we're hearing rumors that she is considering canceling her tour because ex hubby Kevin Federline won't allow her to take the kids on tour with her.

Britney is desperate to take her two boys Jayden James and Sean Preston on tour with her this summer, but the idea isn't sitting well with K-Fed.

"The plan was to have homes in three bases -- New Jersey, New Orleans and Los Angeles. Sean Preston and Jayden James would stay in one of these three bases and Britney would commute back and forth while doing concerts in each region," TMZ reports.

Britney had agreed to pay Kevin $4000 a week while she was on tour for him to accompany her and the kids in the three regions. Kevin didn't even technically have to go on tour with them, he could just collect the money as long as the kids were allowed to go with her.

Britney, Kevin and her father Jamie had reportedly come up with this arrangement and everything was going well until Kevin's lawyers found out about the plan and now they're furious.

If the arrangement falls through and Britney isn't allowed to travel with the boys, she'll most likely cancel the entire tour. This is one of those situations where money talks, so let's see how much Britney is willing to cough up in order to take her boys along for the ride.