Britney Blogs!

September 23, 2008 By:
Britney Blogs!

Britney's blogging y'all! Well, it's probably some assistant at Jive pretending to be Britney, but still. Brit [and her camp] want us all to know that all those "Britney leaks" on the internet are a sham. Check out her latest blog 'Nothing But The Truth' via

I know, I know... I'm bummed about "Womanizer" being MIA, too! Just got the official word from Jive - they're putting the finishing touches on "Womanizer" as I write this! Oh, and I hear it's going to be the best damn B track to date. So if I had the choice between hearing a so-so song today and waiting for a kick-ass tune? Um, kick-ass tune, please! And I assure you—the second it's ready, you'll hear the REAL thing here on Those little leaks out there? NOT IT. Remember loves — if it's not here, it's not legit!