Britney Asked to Testify in Restraining Order Case

April 15, 2009 By:
Britney Asked to Testify in Restraining Order Case

More legal woos for Britney Spears! The lawyer she allegedly hired to help her fight her conservatorship case has demanded that she take the stand to justify the restraining order against him.

Remember the name Jon Eardley? Well he works closely with Sam Lutfi (we know you remember that name!) and he claimed that Britney hired him to free her from her conservatorship.

The problem was Britney wasn't allowed to hire an attorney. Only her father Jamie and court-appointed observer Andrew Wallet had the power to hire a lawyer.

So the judge threw out the case and Jamie subsequently obtained a restraining order against Eardley, accusing him of attempting to sabotage the conservatorship.

Clearly Eardley isn't taking no for an answer and is asking Britney to testify against the restraining order in front of a Los Angeles jury since she's already going to be in town for her 'Circus' tour.

The papers, obtained by E! online, state, "If Britney Spears is well enough to put on two concerts in Los Angeles, she is certainly well enough to attend a trial where attorneys on her behalf have falsely accused Jon Eardley of harassment."

Eardley's legal team is asking that she address two issues; whether or not she authorized him to take legal action to block the conservatorship, and whether he caused her "substantial emotional distress," as claimed by her conservators.

Britney's camp is due back in court on April 21st in regards to the restraining order against Sam Lutfi. Jamie obviously wants the restraining order extended, but we'll have to wait and see how this pans out.

It’s amazing that after a year, these sleazy guys are still trying to gain control of Britney's money and get her out of her conservatorship. Sam Lutfi is BAD news, and if Eardley is as close to Sam as it has been reported, Jamie should do everything in his power to get this restraining order extended. What are your thoughts?