Britney Allowed Visitation?

February 19, 2008 By:
Britney Allowed Visitation?

Things might be looking up for Britney Spears. According to sources at TMZ, K-Fed will consider letting Brit see her boys--but with restrictions.

K-Fed will allow Brit to see her kids, but only if her parents are present. He isn't worried about Brit doing any harm to the kids, but he will not under any circumstances let her drive with the boys in the car.

There's also talk that Britney is considering going to a private facility for treatment. Lets keep our fingers crossed!

UPDATE: Lawyers are currently working on a plan for Britney to actually see her kids. They are trying to figure out how and where they will actually see her.

Despite Kevin wanting Britney to see the kids, no changes have been made in the custody case and the current custody agreement remains in effect. The lawyers will be back in court at 1:30PM to try to come to a resolution.