Bridesmaid Britney Attends Cousin's Wedding in Louisiana

May 25, 2009 By:
Bridesmaid Britney Attends Cousin's Wedding in Louisiana

Britney Spears spent some extra quality time with her cousin Laura Lynne Covington this past weekend in Louisiana, standing as a bridesmaid for her wedding.

Britney was accompanied down the aisle by her brother Bryan Spears, and reportedly looked "stunningly calm and beautiful." She apparently showed up the wedding very quietly and didn't make a fuss about being there because she wanted the day to be all about her cousin.

A guest said: "When her brother walked her down the aisle, she looked stunningly calm and beautiful. She was very pretty, low-key. She was not the centre of everything, just pretty and calm and collected."

The source added to People magazine: "Britney sat at a table off to the side and visited with local people she knew.

"There was no fanfare. With all the star power Britney and her family command, it was still the bride's day."

Can you imagine having the biggest pop star in the world in your wedding party? Wonder what Britney took as a wedding gift?!