Attorney Says Britney Wants to be Freed From Her Father

April 1, 2009 By:
Attorney Says Britney Wants to be Freed From Her Father

An LA lawyer is claiming that Britney Spears wants to be freed from the control of her father Jamie Spears.

Attorney John Anderson took the stand this morning and told Superior Court Commissioner Aviva K. Bobb that Britney has approached him to represent her in a battle against her father.

Anderson testified that he drew up papers to be Brit's attorney and had received copies back allegedly signed by Spears herself. He said he was made aware that another court-appointed attorney had already been assigned to Britney, but was told she was "not confident" in his abilities and wanted to hire him instead.

Anderson also said he had contacted Britney's attorneys who represent her conservatorship, and that they both tried to dissuade him from going further with it.

Anderson also said on the stand today, "A person who purported to be Lutfi told me that all of Britney Spears' phone rights were cut off. He also added that Britney is under tight control by her father and virtually "in prison."

Sounds like this Anderson guy has a hidden agenda of his own! We're sure Jamie Spears is furious over yet another person trying to mess with his power over Britney. But maybe we should start believing the people who claim Britney is miserable. Wouldn't you be if you didn't even have phone privileges when you're almost 30 years old?