Ali Sims Sold Off Britney's Belongings

September 23, 2008 By:
Ali Sims Sold Off Britney's Belongings

What ever happened to Ali Sims? We saw her for awhile there, hitting up every party and Hollywood hotspot, but it seems she's been flying under the radar lately. Until now.

Ali was reportedly looking to make some extra cash off all the stuff she reaped while being Britney's assistant, by having a trunk show to sell it all.

She held the sale on September 21st in Birmingham, Alabama, which will featured vintage clothes, jewelry, and accessories she was given for free during her employment by Brit.

An insider says, "She hasn't been working, so she needs the money more than she needs the stuff."

Only problem is, no one showed up! Witnesses say people trickled in here and there, and it was nothing to write home about. We wonder what Brit would think of her old assistant trying to make a buck off of stuff she got for free. Doesn't seem right!