Adnan Pleads Not Guilty and Posts Bail

February 25, 2009 By:
Adnan Pleads Not Guilty and Posts Bail

Britney Spears' ex boyfriend Adnan Ghalib has just posted $110,000 bail! He turned himself in today just 24 hours after a warrant went out for his arrest.

He then went to court after turning himself in when he was charged with three counts of felony involving a deadly weapon, battery, and hit and run.

Adnan basically tried to run over a man who was attempting to serve him court papers on February 11th regarding the restraining order Britney's father had issued against him.

The agent allegedly landed on the hood of Adnan’s car, suffering injuries that landed him in the hospital. The victim broke his wrist and suffered cuts and bruises.

We know he doesn’t have that kind of money, so who bailed him out? Britney?? JK, we hope not!

Meanwhile, in a hearing at L.A. Superior Court today, a judge extended the temporary restraining order against Lutfi and Ghalib until March 18.