Adnan Moves In With Britney?

January 12, 2008 By:
Adnan Moves In With Britney?

Things are getting very serious, very quickly for Britney Spears and her boyfriend Adnan Ghalib. Rumor on the block is that Adnan has even moved in with Britney Spears.

Britney and Adnan were seen at a car dealership yesterday and oddly enough Britney was wearing her post-wedding party dress to the dealer. What was she trying to prove by doing that? She probably thought she was making Kevin jealous because she had taken Adnan to the Mercedes dealer to buy him a new ride.

On another note, have you guys noticed Britney has been acting somewhat normal ever since she got serious with Adnan, which has been only this past week? I've come to the conclusion that Britney is just one of those girls that could never be single. She loses her mind when she has no companionship. Now that she's with this dude, she has stopped going to hotels and is even trying to sneak out of the house without the paparazzi noticing her. Sadly enough Britney is putting Britney #1 and not her kids. At the end of the day, her kids are losing!

How long till Britney marries this guy?