Adnan Ghalib's Shocking Testimony Against Britney Spears

October 30, 2012 By:
Adnan Ghalib's Shocking Testimony Against Britney Spears
Image By: Splash News

Hey remember Adnan Ghalib? Britney's ex-lover/paparazzo? How could I forget!? That landing strip goatee still haunts me to this day!

Britney’s former paparazzo turned boyfriend, Adnan Ghalib, was subpoenaed in court today to testify in the Sam Lufti vs Britney Spears trial.

Basically, he’s on team Sam Lufti. That is what you need to take away from this.

When Adnan somehow transitioned from paparazzi guy to boyfriend in December 2007, he told the court he was with Britney “daily. I was there everyday.”

He says that Brit’s mom Lynne forced him to tell people that Sam Lufti was making Britney crazy.

“She requested that I say [to the media] Sam Lufti was responsible for Britney Spears’ behavior,” Adnan testified today.

It was testified earlier in the case that Sam Lufti would kidnap Britney’s dogs and hide her cell phones. Adnan says that he never saw anything like this ever happen in the time he lived with Britney.

However, he did admit that he bought a disposable cell phone at Lufti’s request to smuggle to Britney when her dad became her conservator, basically so she could continue to be brainwashed by Sam Lufti in secret.

This is the last day for Lufti to testify against Britney and her family. Tomorrow, Britney’s legal team will begin their defense. I wonder who they will subpoena? Jamie Lynn?! Kevin Federline?!

Just to jog your memory, in case you have no idea why Britney and Lufti are in court…Lufti is suing Brit for about $1 million in unpaid wages, suing Jamie Spears for punching him, and suing Lynne Spears for “defamation” in her 2008 tell-all.