5 Most Shocking Statements in the Britney Spears Trial

October 26, 2012 By:
5 Most Shocking Statements in the Britney Spears Trial

The Britney Spears vs former manager Sam Lufti trial is underway and the claims being made in this trial are pretty ridiculous. Basically, Sam Lufti is suing for defamation of character while Britney’s family is claiming that Sam is responsible for B.Spears’ crazy behavior circa 2007.

From claims that Justin Timberlake is to blame and what kind of drugs Britney was really on, we at Hollyscoop found out what is actual true in this case and what testimony is BS!

1) Britney’s dad’s lawyer alleged that Britney’s downward spiral is not because of drugs but due to her break-up with Justin Timberlake. This is SO NOT TRUE.

There are tons of reports that Britney cheated on JT with her back-up dancer. She also got hitched to Jason Alexander shortly after the JT break-up. Was she REALLY that upset over the break-up? It didn’t seem like it. We blame K-Fed and her spiral into drug abuse, not Justin Timberlake.

2) During the trial, it came to light that Britney was making $800,000 a month, even when she wasn’t actively working. We looked into it and yeah, she was THAT rich. This is TRUE.

3) Britney reportedly was IN with the paparazzi; Lufti even invited them into her home so they could “get to know her as a person.” We can’t verify this for sure, but we watched old paparazzi videos of Britney and she would sometimes park her car at a gas station for long periods of time right in front of waiting paparazzi, as if they knew she was arriving. So we’re calling this story PROBABLY TRUE.

4) Britney reportedly shaved her head, not because she wanted a new ‘do, but because she was trying to avoid a hair follicle drug test. A source very close to Britney told Hollyscoop about the Britney they knew back in 2007, “it was very obvious to everyone who was around Britney at that time that she was on drugs. She was absolutely insane. She was locked in Cedars [Sinai] on the 8th floor ward not because she was bi-polar and having an episode, but because she was allegedly addicted to drugs, booze and pills.” This drug allegation is TRUE.

5) Britney’s team tried to make Sam Lufti look less credible by saying he now represents Courtney Love. Courtney’s publicist gave us the standard “no comment” when we asked if this was true. However, Sam and Courtney are working on a new musical together, so he could very well be representing her.  This is also PROBABLY TRUE.