19 Hypnotizing Britney Dance GIFs

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19 Hypnotizing Britney Dance GIFs
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Britney Spears had all eyes on her when she helicopter-ed into the Mojave Desert to confirm her much-rumored residency in Las Vegas.

Planet Hollywood will welcome the pop star this December, debuting a brand new series of shows called “Piece of Me” starring the one and only Britney, which will be a one-of-a-kind part-concert, part-club spectacular.

Beyond that, the details are completely under wraps—will there be snakes? Will there be a faux-blackout that leads into a medley of singles off her album Blackout? Will the bar's signature cocktails be called "Toxics"?—but obviously that hasn't stopped us from speculating...

Here are the 19 dance moves we want her to hit us, baby, with one more time (over and over again) until the world ends.

1. The “Are You Ready?”

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2. The “Yasssss, B*tch, We’re Ready!!”

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3. The “Peek-a-Boo-Britney”

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4. The “Spears You Twice Body Pump”

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5. The “Bend…and Snap!

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6. The “You Shall Not Pass”

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7. The “Lazy Twirl”

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8. The “Turning On The Headlights”

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9. The “Baby, Don’t You Wanna Dance Up On Me?”

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10. The “Yes, I Wanna Dance Up On You, Baby”

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11. The “Spears Splits”

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Get it, get it. Get it, get it.

12. The “Vogue Like An Egyptian”

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13. The “Huh, What, Where?”

The most danceable way to be like, “Where am I?”

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Never stop spinning.

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15. The “Salmon Swimming Upstream”

Doesn’t she kind of look like a salmon swimming upstream?

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16. The “Britney Is So Booty-ful”

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17. The “Standing Ovation”

Similar to what you’ll be doing after her show at Planet Hollywood.

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18. The “Now Watch Me”

Also known as the “Now We Can’t Stop Watching.”

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19. The “Apocalypse”

She’ll have you dancing so hard, the world will start to spin on his opposite axis.

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