Britney Slams Kevin

May 24, 2006 By:
Britney Slams Kevin

Has the day finally come? Has Britney finally come to her sense? Britney Spears has apparently slammed husband Kevin aka K-Fag in a poem on her website.

Female First is reporting that: The pop princess - who has been at the centre of months of rumors her marriage is on the rocks - posted the emotional verse on her official website on Saturday (05/20/06).

The poem - which is thought to have been written by the 24-year-old singer - describes feeling tied down in "chains" and asks: "How do you stand sleeping at night?" It continues with lines about feeling "manipulated" and "swallowed".

The poem also talks about "the sins of the Father", and hints Britney - who has a baby son, Sean Preston, with Federline and is pregnant with their second child - could be worried about bad behavior being passed from father to son. It says: "Remember the Bible/The sins of the Father/What you do/You pass down."

Towards the end it becomes more positive, saying: "My crown is back/And it's way too high/For you to be in my presence/Especially my son."

The poem was removed from the site hours later with no explanation.

A source is quoted in Britain's The Sun newspaper as saying: "Britney is clearly in emotional turmoil over her life with Kevin."