Britney To Be On The Simpsons

November 19, 2007 By:
Britney To Be On The Simpsons

Britney Spears is gonna be a Simpson. She is all set up to be immortalized as a cartoon character for the Simpson’s.

Don’t think they are gonna show Britney in a negative way however. Studio bosses claim that they will actually show Britney in a positive light.

Actress Yeardley Smith(Lisa Simpson) says, "Britney is ripe for the picking. but we have to do it well - I don't want to be cruel."

A source tells The Sun, "There are talks ongoing and it's hopeful it will happen. The appearance would be a positive one. Never mind what's happening in her private life, Britney is big again."

This actually might be a good thing if she can pull it off and if they actually do show her in a positive way. Britney might just need one good thing in her life to get her back on track.