Did Bristol Palin Survives Another Week on DWTS?

November 10, 2010 By:
Did Bristol Palin Survives Another Week on DWTS?

Bristol Palin survived yet another week on Dancing with the Stars despite being the worst dancer on the show.

Bristol and partner Mark Ballas barely made it through their Argentine Tango, but Kurt Warner and Anna Trebunskaya, who still scored higher than Bristol were sent home.

Conspiracy Theory: Why is Bristol Palin Still on DWTS?

Sarah Palin's daughter has managed to stay on the show for long enough to be in the semi finals. Bristol, Brandy, Jennifer Grey and Kyle Massey are the last contestants left.

If Bristol isn't sent home next week I'm officially boycotting DWTS. It's not fair to the other dancers that are wayyyyy better than her. And I don't believe all the 'voting has saved her' crap. It’s nothing personal but she's just not a good dancer and shouldn't be in the finals.