Bristol Palin: Julianne Moore Wasn't Good At Playing My Mom

October 3, 2012 By:
Bristol Palin: Julianne Moore Wasn't Good At Playing My Mom

Forget the Obama/Romney debate tonight, Bristol Palin is throwing down on all women in Hollywood who have ever done an impression of her mother Sarah Palin.

Bristol took some time out from her “Dancing With The Stars” schedule to attend the launch of the new Wii game Just Dance 4 held at Lexington Social House and we couldn’t help but find out what Bristol thought of Julianne Moore’s recent Emmy winning role as Sarah Palin in “Game Change.”

“I don’t think she did a good job in it actually,” Bristol tells Hollyscoop, “I don’t think my mom has that accent, so I wasn't a fan.”

You’re right, Julianne’s accent was more “Fargo” and less “Hockey Mom.”

But what about Tina Fey? Maybe her over-the-top theatrics on “SNL” as Mrs. Palin were enough to woo Bristol?

“Nope, I don’t think that anyone looks like my mom. My mom’s hot, she looks good and no-one’s very good at interpreting that,” says Bristol.

She also adds that she thinks people are just doing impressions of her mom to help their own acting career.

“I think that anyone who mentions my mom name, their career is a little bit boosted.”

I think it’s safe to say that Bristol wants all the “I can see Alaska from my house” jokes put to rest.

Right now, Bristol asks that you get out and vote this November.

“I think it’s just important for young people to get out there and actually know the issues. Know what they’re voting for because their kids will be affected, everyone will be affected by this election,” says the daughter of once vice-presidential hopeful.