Bristol Palin: I'm Just a Normal, Grounded Mom

June 18, 2012 By:
Bristol Palin: I'm Just a Normal, Grounded Mom

Bristol Palin makes her return to reality TV on Tuesday and from the looks of the just-released photos, it seems like a show about a regular girl with a young son who likes normal things like toy cars and baking cookies together…

And then there’s the teaser for the show where she gets into a bar fight at “Saddle Ranch” in Hollywood or when she has a meltdown in front of her sister or the whole thing about her mom almost becoming the Vice President of the United States.

So basically, this is going to be the least normal show about a single mom ever, despite Bristol’s claims that “people are going to see the real Bristol in this show. I’m just a grounded, normal mom.”

Bristol Palin’s new Lifetime reality show, “Bristol Palin: Life’s A Tripp” premieres Tuesday, June 19 at 10pm.

This new 10-episode reality show promises to give an unfiltered look into the lives of 21-year-old Bristol and her son Tripp. She travels from her parents home in Alaska, to L.A., and then finally back again to Alaska.

I have no idea why a 21-year-old unwed mother would attempt to live in L.A. alone when your family is basically in another country, oh right, to film the reality show.

Palin burst onto the scene in 2008 when she announced at 17-years-old that she was accidentally pregnant with her first child.

She has since appeared on “Dancing with the Stars,” wrote a 2011 memoir, and now has a new reality show.

“Bristol really didn’t hold back. As the series progresses, she really opens up her life to us,” says Matt Lutz, one of the shows producers.

Turn in to Lifetime on Tuesday at 10pm and see what “Bristol Palin: Life’s A Tripp” is all about.