Bristol Palin Heading to College

December 27, 2010 By:
Bristol Palin Heading to College

Bristol Palin has a ton of money now, so she might as well spend some of it on an education!

According to TMZ, Bristol is heading off to college! And she apparently did her research, because she’s picked one of the biggest party schools ever—Arizona State!

Her decision has already turned political— VP of the Downtown Young Democrats at ASU Andres Cano says they will welcome her "with open arms" because "getting a college degree is a non-partisan issue."

Bristol Palin is Hollywood’s Next Millionaire

But that doesn’t mean Bristol isn’t already receiving hate mail. President of the Downtown College Republicans Zachary Ziebart says "Facebook has already been going crazy with status updates of excitement, mixed feelings and non-acceptance."

Ziebarth adds, "The adversity that she may face is nothing that she can't handle."

After the backlash from Dancing With the Stars, I have to agree! But Bristol should definitely accept a few TP sessions of her whole yard.

Bristol apparently wants to study broadcasting, and already purchased a home in the Phoenix suburb o= Maricopa for $172,000. What, no dorm Bristol?!