Bristol Palin Has a New Man

January 24, 2011 By:
Bristol Palin Has a New Man

Bristol Palin has a new man in her life!

She’s gone from deadbeat Levi Johnston to some 20-year-old dude who makes a living as a pipeline worker in Alaska. The DWTS contestant talked to radio show The Bob & Mark Show on Friday and they asked if the rumors were true.

One of the show hosts told her she should say,
"I'm seeing a guy and he's really great and Tripp loves him and we're having a really good time and we're really good friends.”

And it wasn’t far off—Bristol replied, "Yeah, we can go with that. I'm thrilled. I love the town that I live in. I love my house. Tripp's happy; he's healthy."

She was referring to her big move from Alaska to Arizona, where she lives and is now going to school. And it seems like she’s completely erasing Levi from her life, including getting Tripp’s last name changed to Palin.

"Yeah, I've asked Levi to do it many different times, just get it out of the way, just sign over his parental rights, but I don't know if he will or if he wants to right now," she said.

"I've asked him to do that many times – just say, 'Hey, look, let's just avoid this custody case that's been ongoing since Tripp was born just get it over with just sign over your rights.'"

Bristol said she doesn’t even want Levi’s child support payments either. Yeah, after what she got paid to be on DWTS, she’s gonna be just fine for a while!