Bristol Palin Gets a Break With the Tango

October 26, 2010 By:
Bristol Palin Gets a Break With the Tango

Thankfully, Bristol Palin left her ape suit at home last night as she dancing the Tango with her partner Mark Ballas.

Finally, Bristol gave someone of a decent performance. Last week, Mark and Bristol received a measly 18 out of 30, but all those Sarah Palin fans must have voted for her because she was not eliminated.

She redeemed herself this week and they earned their best score yet, a 23 out of 30. It might have been their best score yet, but it wasn't the highest score.

The first place spot went to Brandy and the second spot is tied with Audrina Patridge and Rick Fox.

Sarah Palin, have your people start calling! Bristol needs their help!