Bristol and Levi Get Greedy

July 20, 2010 By:
Bristol and Levi Get Greedy

Who knew Bristol Palin was as much of a fame whore as Levi Johnston? The dysfunctional couple is not only in talks for a reality show, they want the network to commit to a full season!

Generally when a reality show is in the works, a pilot is taped and then shopped around before a network will pick it up for a full season. But Levi and Bristol are convinced they're so important, and interesting, that they want a full season commitment before they agree to anything.

“They want a commitment for an entire series, but right now, there’s only been interest in testing this out as a pilot,” a source close to the couple tells People, adding that negotiations are ongoing.

“There aren’t a lot of options for them out there, and this is their best chance at making a decent amount of money.”

The fame hungry couple recently reconciled and announced the news to Us Weekly before they even told their family members. Bristol and Levi's families both found out via the internet when they saw their spread in the weekly mag.

Levi tried to make a quick buck by posing for Playgirl and Bristol has been doing some press about teen abstinence, but other than that, they're unemployed so they figure a reality show will be their meal ticket. Would you watch the show?