Brian Austin Green Doesn't Want To Join 90210 Cast

April 20, 2009 By:
Brian Austin Green Doesn't Want To Join 90210 Cast

It seems like ever since 90210 has gotten a remix, all the original cast members from the show have been aching to jump on board.

First came Jennie Garth, reprising her role as grown-up Kelly, and Shannen Doherty wasn’t far behind, causing trouble as usual. Now Tori Spelling has finally come back to the old zip code, and while Brandon is a no-show on screen, he’s been worked into plot lines, and has even been directing some episodes.

But when it comes to Brian Austin Green, we guess he’s perfectly content with his current career.

Hollyscoop caught up with Green at the Laid To Rest movie premiere this past weekend where he opened up about the idea of making a cameo on the new 90210. Brian told Hollyscoop, “Uh, not right now. No.” In fact, he also told us he doesn’t even watch the new 90210. Talk about a diss!

Switching gears, we tried to get the scoop on where Green’s relationship was moving since he and Megan Fox broke up and then decided to get back together. Megan has mentioned that she’s not the marrying-type, but has never mentioned anything about not wanting kids!

So Hollyscoop asked Brian, “A lot of celebrities are opening to the idea of adoption, would you consider adoption down the line?” He gave us a “no comment.” Guess the book of secrets is still closed on the Megan Fox-Brian Austin Green relationship!

But we still think he should do a cameo on 90210! He can’t be that busy with Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles!