Bret Michaels Hitting the Road Next Month

April 29, 2010 By:
Bret Michaels Hitting the Road Next Month

Um, didn’t this guy just have a brain hemorrhage?? Bret Michaels remains in the hospital recovering from a pretty life-altering incident, but he’s still planning on going on tour. As in next month!

A statement was posted to Michaels’ website that reads: "While Bret is recovering we obviously have some shows that are being rescheduled. We are working to reschedule dates from now until May 21st.

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"At this time we are planning to resume the tour May 26th in Ft. Smith, Arkansas, provided there are no further complications or setbacks. We will then continue with all scheduled dates throughout the summer and fall, including the June and July tour with Lynyrd Skynyrd."

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Seems a little soon to be even thinking about that! And we know Bret—he likes to party pretty hard when he’s on the road. The doctors don’t even know the cause of the hemorrhage yet, and he’s ready to get back to his party lifestyle!

"While additional studies are planned throughout the week to hopefully detect the exact cause of the rupture, Bret will remain monitored closely by his medical team to make sure no further complications occur," continued the statement. "He is responding well to tests and treatments."

We think this is a pretty big sign to throw in the towel for a little while. It doesn’t mean Bret has to quit performing altogether, but give your body a break, man!