Bret Michaels' Emergency Room Horror

May 5, 2010 By:
Bret Michaels' Emergency Room Horror

Bret Michaels has been through a lot in the past month, but rather than get down about it, he’s super positive about his road to recovery. He tells People he’s “lucky to be alive.”

In a new article, Bret talks about new details of having a subarachnoid brain hemorrhage, and what he asked doctors when he was in the emergency room. "I said in these exact words, 'Am I dying? If I'm dying, I want to see my kids, but if I have a chance, I don't want them to see me in this condition.' "

Bret Michaels Discharged, Expected to Make 100% Recovery

Bret goes into detail about the critical minutes after the hemorrhage and the pain he went through in the hospital. He’s currently in a full-time rehabilitation facility, but expected to make a full recovery. But it won’t be easy.

Bret’s sister talked with morning radio show The Todd N Tyler Radio Empire and said, “I think the next step is home, and I don't think that will be too long down the road. I think he'll do better in a little bit more upbeat, I guess is the word I would use...I talked to my Mom and Dad, and we're all planning our trip out."

"Brett is just chomping at the bit to get back out.... the doctors
never did find the source of the bleeding. He's not out of the woods probably for six months."

Best of luck to him!!!