Bret Michaels & Kristi Gibson Call It Quits!

July 30, 2012 By:
Bret Michaels & Kristi Gibson Call It Quits!

Rock star Bret Michaels has decided to stay a bachelor.

Michaels, 49, and his longtime girlfriend Kristi Gibson, 41, have decided against making things official and have called off their engagement.
People Magazine is reporting that despite 18 years together and two daughters, Raine Elizabeth, 12, and Jorja Bleu, 7, they definitely won't be walking down the aisle together.

A rep told the mag that, "Although the couple have separated they remain great friends and are committed to jointly raising their two daughters.”
The article also notes that “Gibson stood by Michaels through a variety of ailments over the years, including an emergency appendectomy, a near-fatal brain hemorrhage and a stroke.”

What they fail to mention is how she felt, or how close to his side she was standing while he filmed 23 episodes of his reality show “Rock of Love with Bret Michaels” – a competitive dating series that featured 25 woman debasing themselves through various challenges to vie for a chance at true love with the aging rocker.

A follow-up reality series “Bret Michaels: Life as I Know It” featured Michaels spending time with, not any of the woman from “Rock,” but with his family, Gibson included.

The series concluded with an emotional proposal of marriage to the mother of his daughters in December 2010.

Ironically, the final episode was entitled, “This Ring Means Nothing.”

Sadly, after today’s news, it seems quite prophetic.

Seriously though, we aren’t going to pretend to know what went on to bring about this separation, but we would like to suggest the wandering Michaels think long and hard before letting this one go.