Why Brenton Thwaites Should Be Your Summer Crush

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Why Brenton Thwaites Should Be Your Summer Crush
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Time to make a major adjustment to your shortlist of summer crushes. Because there's a new kid in town and his name is Brenton Thwaites.

Meet Brenton Thwaites.

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He’s in the upcoming movie The Giver with none other than Ms. Taylor Swift, but way, way, way more importantly…

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He’s your new summer crush.



Oh, we forgot to mention that you don’t need to feel guilty for having a crush on a teenager.

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Because he’s not a teenager…


He’s 24 years old!

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Say whaaaaaaaat?!


“Hey, summer crush.”






You may know him from the remake of Blue Lagoon.



But what you should really know him for is the way he looks in a bowtie.



Or how strong his eyebrow game is.

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He’s got one of those inviting smiles that just lets you know he’s a nice guy.

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“I’m a nice guy.” – this smile.

Brenton Thwaites


He looks good in a leather jacket.

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Like, real good.

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He can fix up a nice portrait of you ‘cause he paints, apparently.

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He can serenade you during a hot summer night.



And pierce your heart with a single shrug of his shoulders.



But his greatest talent is making you spontaneously shriek, “Aaaaaaah 2 cute!!”



And that’s why he should be at the top of your Potential Summer Crush List 2014.


Because, Aaaaaaah 2 cute!!”