Sara Evans And Craig Schelske Meet In Court

October 26, 2006 By:
Sara Evans And Craig Schelske Meet In Court

Sara Evans and her estranged husband, Craig Schelske, kissed and made up in court today. Ok they didn't really kiss and make up but they did not rip each other's eyes out, which is always good
news. It was the first time the two came face to face since Evans filed for divorce on October 12, charging her hubbie with adultery and pornography use.

The couple agreed to divide some of their assets, Schelske agreed to look for new housing and they also agreed to discuss visitation rights for their three children.

Schelske had asked to move back in to the house but the judge didn't recommend it saying, "By the nature of this proceeding, there is tension
here and there will be tension in the home and the children are going to feel that."

The two also agreed not to speak to the media but a motion "to close the proceedings to cameras was refused by the judge. "