Mel B Cheated?

December 12, 2006 By:
Mel B Cheated?

Eddie Murphy said he dumped his pregnant girlfriend Mel B because she was having an affair. Murphy reportedly hired private detectives to follow the former Spice Girl after becoming suspicious she was cheating on him.

Eddie's fears were seemingly confirmed when he was handed photos of Mel meeting another man in Los Angeles last month. He has since claimed he does not know if he is the father of his ex-lover's unborn child.

A friend told Britain's News of the World newspaper: "Eddie had his suspicions that Mel was becoming close to a guy he knows. He was furious when he saw the pictures.

"It does on the face of it seem spiteful to now doubt that he's the father of the baby, but as far as he is concerned he's been humiliated too. He is just evening the scores."

However, Mel - who is five months pregnant - has laughed off the latest accusations.
She said: "Is that the best they can throw at me? It just goes to show how desperate Eddie has got. I may have met another man for entirely innocent purposes, but I was always faithful to Eddie. He is the father of my baby and he knows it."