Laura Dern To Ben Harper: Divorce Back On!

July 10, 2012 By:
Laura Dern To Ben Harper: Divorce Back On!

Actress Laura Dern showed soon to be ex-husband Ben Harper that she's had enough of their marriage when filed paperwork in Los Angeles County Superior Court on Friday saying she wants out!

TMZ is reporting that Dern has had it up to here (FYI: she’s really tall) with trying to work things out with her husband -- who sort of drew the first straw by “blindsiding” her when he filed for divorce back in October 2010.

After five years of dating, plus five years of marriage and a couple of kids, the two decided to try to patch things up. Harper's petition has been lying dormant in the interim of a hopeful reconciliation.

The two were at the Golden Globes together in February, which looked like a good sign. Or not.

Now it seems the initiative is on her terms as she has filed her response to the original petition filed by Harper.

Dern is asking for primary physical custody and joint legal custody of their kids, spousal support, child support, and attorneys fees.

In addition to their son Ellery, 10, and daughter Jaya, 7, Dern has reportedly had a hand in caring for a couple of Harper’s kids from a previous marriage.

Harper is a successful singer/songwriter/musician.

Dern, Hollywood royalty as the daughter of Diane Ladd and Bruce Dern, has had a long and successful career, most recently winning some awards for the lead role in HBO’s hit series “Enlightened.”

She’s also no stranger to public heartbreak. She could also be referred to as the OG Jennifer Aniston as she was totally dumped by fiancé Billy Bob Thornton for that one Angelina chick.

Sorry Laura, for all of it.