Christie Brinkley Trying To Get Revenge

July 4, 2008 By:
Christie Brinkley Trying To Get Revenge

It’s no surprise that the Christie Brinkley and Peter Cook divorce is getting dirty…real dirty! Peter’s lawyer thinks that it’s getting dirty because Christie is trying to get revenge from her cheating husband. He believes that that’s the reason she pushed for trial. It was all to punish Peter.

"I think it's pretty clear she's doing this out of revenge," he told reporters.

Later he added, "during the custody case you're going to find out how angry she was. There's an independent doctor who was appointed in this case. He said she was boinkered by anger."

Of course this is all done for revenge. She needs to some how humiliate him after he humiliated her like that. Did he just think he could cheat and get away with it? No way!