Another Woman Cause Of Shania's Divorce

May 20, 2008 By:
Another Woman Cause Of Shania's Divorce

Last week Shania Twain announced that she was divorcing her husband of 14 years. That sort of shocked everyone. Now there are rumors going around that it was her husband's cheating that caused the divorce. Pig.

Apparently, her husband was doing the naughty with Marie-Anne Thiébaud who happened to be the lady that managed the couple's chateau in Switzerland. She was definitely managing other things as well.

Shania's husband denied the cheating claims saying, "It's absolutely not the reason [for the separation]."

Naturally, Shania is not so thrilled about this situation and is "devastated. This came out of left field ... She loved him."

Shania should try to wipe his a$$ clean in the divorce if he did in fact cheat!