Alec and Kim Saga Continues

September 18, 2006 By:
Alec and Kim Saga Continues

The ongoing saga between former lovers Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger is never ending. Alec gave a startling interview in the October issue of GQ magazine, in which he trashes the Oscar-winning blonde that he divorced back in 2002. Baldwin claims that she spread such horrible lies about him that he wanted to die.

"My ex-wife once said, 'He's Saddam Hussein.' She said that. And I thought, 'Do I hide myself in cramped underground quarters? Do I like to shoot firearms in a celebratory way? Did I execute whole villages of people and bulldoze their bodies into a pit? What are you saying? Explain this to me.' "

When Baldwin got hit with Basinger's legal missives, "it said all of these things, like I wasn't a good father [to 10-year-old daughter Ireland] . . . I remember lying in bed, thinking I wanted to die on the spot . . . I would say, 'Please don't let me wake up. I can't face another day.' "

According to the New York Post Alec saves extra vitriol for Basinger's lawyers at Hersh, Mannis & Bogen, who he believes influence her. "[Judy] Bogen, she's this 300-pound homunculus whose face looks like a cross between a bulldog and a clenched fist. She's this hideously angry-looking woman. She'd snarl and hiss." He says the same firm represented Denise Richards in her bust-up with Charlie Sheen, who was accused of enjoying barely legal teen porn. "Charlie Sheen may be one of the great horndogs of his generation, but he is not a pedophile," Baldwin says.

The actor, who recently rekindled his romance with lawyer Nicole Seidel, also defends Tom Cruise against his critics - albeit in a snarky way: "I think what's been done to Tom is kind of silly. I don't really understand Tom's religious beliefs; nor do I want to. All I know is I don't see people who are disciples of Tom's faith driving planes into the World Trade Center. When Scientologists start crashing planes into the Pentagon, then I think we should sit Tom down and have a grand jury talk to him. In the meantime, let's just leave him alone."