Penelope and Mathew: Dunzo!

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Another one bites the dust! Penélope Cruz has reportedly dumped Matthew McConaughey after she found out that Mathew hooked up with a hot blonde college student in Virginia, where he is shooting a new movie at Marshall University. See, blondes do have more fun!

An insider is reporting that trouble in paradise began when Matt went to the bar with some of the crew after an exhausting day of filming at Marshall University.

“Everyone was wound up after shooting for over 12 hours, so we decided to get a few drinks,” the insider says. After several rounds, the source says the brazen blonde walked up to the hunky actor. “Matt was buying rounds of beer for everyone when the mystery girl approached him,” the source says.

“He was obviously smitten with the blonde. She had a perfect figure, though voluptuous in an Ashlee Simpson kind of way.” Ok eww, who thinks asslee is hot?

“She looked pretty sexy in a red midriff-baring top, blue jeans and boots,” says the insider. “She kept whispering in his ear. After about 10 minutes they were kissing. It was a pretty wild, spontaneous thing. I don’t even think Matt expected it.”

Mathew was apparently making out with this hot blond until midnight when she took him back to her apartment to bang him. He then left her apartment at 2am. Who wouldn’t want to hook up with Mathew, he so hot in a dirty kinda way. I would jump on it if the opportunity presented itself. So Mathew baby, have your people contact my people.

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