April 4, 2006 By:

"One Tree Hill" hottie Chad Michael Murray is engaged. AGAIN! Doesn’t this guy learn his lesson the first time around? Chad who is only 24 years old has proposed to Kenzie Dalton, who is 18 years old and is an extra on “One Tree Hill”.

"People" magazine broke the news and has learned through a close source to the couple. At this time there are no other details, however rest assure by the time you are done reading this paragraph, they will be engaged, than married and than divorced.

It feels like it was only yesterday that Chad married his co-star Sophia Bush. The two married last April and after five months of marriage, they ended up with a Hollywood happy ending; Divorce! The sad part about this story is Chad and Sophia are still a couple on the show and have to shoot scenes together. OUCH!

I honestly don’t know what is in the water these people drink on the set of “One Tree Hill”, but Chad sweetie, your 24 years old and you’re hot! Relax on the proposals and continue on with your partying ways! If any one knows what the 18 year old extra looks like please send us a pic!

Update: We scooped up a picture of Kenzie, and she’s not as cute as Sophia…talk about a downgrade!