Breaking Dawn Trailer Released

June 6, 2011 By:
Breaking Dawn Trailer Released

Twilight fans got a twihard-on when a preview for Breaking Dawn leaked online Sunday.

The preview was originally supposed to air during the 2011 MTV movie awards, but hours before its premiere, fans found themselves viewing the two minute clip via YouTube.

MTV tweeted:
Hey Twihards, totally not blaming @Twilight's awesome fans, we heart you guys. Mistakes happen...all good! Still have surprises in store :)"

Surprise! They have since removed it, but we still found one online!

If your curiosity just cant wait, here's what the trailer holds: Wedding invitations, , sneak peeks of a honeymoon and…gasp!...Bella with a baby bump. She reveals that she may be pregnant, and then says, "That's impossible."

So either she's the Virgin Mary, or she's really inexperienced in bed.

Initially, MTV made it pretty obvious they were displeased with the leak, tweeting: "R-Pattz, tell us what you think of Breaking Dawn Trailer leakers, won't you?"

Included in the tweet was a video of Rob Pattinson talking about some Breaking Dawn photos that were leaked. He tells fans to hack into the computers of those who were responsible for the leak.

Shortly after, MTV tweeted their friendly, "we don’t blame you" statement. While it might have temporarily been a concern, MTV shouldn't have much to worry about.

They have another big Twilight surprise in store for Sunday night's show. It will be revealed on the red carpet during the event. Hollyscoop will be covering the MTV Movie Awards live tonight, so stay tuned for more Twilight happenings!