'Breaking Bad' Starts As Hardcore As It Left Off

July 16, 2012 By:
'Breaking Bad' Starts As Hardcore As It Left Off

From the amount of people tuning in, tweeting, and throwing TV parties last night, you would think it was the Super Bowl. But, no… Actually it was just the season premiere of AMC’s “Breaking Bad.”

Here’s a wrap up in case you were stuck doing chores last night and don’t want to be left out at the water cooler today.

(SPOILER: Do I really need to warn you at this point?)

Last season ended with a bang, literally… And episode one of season five followed suit in fuel throttle mode.

The show began with Walter on edge – and with hair! - which at this point is a little out of character for him. But, it’s pretty understandable, seeing as he just pulled off one of the biggest cover-ups in all of broadcast history, including taking out the major drug kingpin, Gus, and a major Mexican drug cartel member with one epic explosion.

Yes, it’s all well and good. And, as Walt tells Skyler on the phone, his family is “safe now.” That is, until he remembers that his and Jesse’s entire drug operation was captured on video camera by Gus’ security cameras… “Oh sh*t.”

Oh, sh*t, indeed, because the hard drive where all that footage was stored is on Gus’ laptop that the police have already obtained, labeled and booked into their evidence chamber.

Nothing a quick, hour-long episode can’t take care of with Walt’s mind. He assembles a crew to wipe the drive from the outside. Long story short, Walt and Jesse drive a cube truck right up to the building with a massive junkyard magnet in the bed and fire away…

Did it work? Of course it worked, because - as Walter informs us – he said it would. Unfortunately it wasn’t a clean getaway. The truck is flipped in the process and the entire evidence room was turned upside down from the magnet’s strength. Oops…

No harm no foul, though. Police can’t track the truck.

A few other key points that came up along the way…

1. Ted is afraid of Skyler, his former lover. She previously sent her henchmen to keep him quiet and things went a little sour. Now he’s in a hospital bed with a shaved head and broken neck and is groveling at her feet.

2. We’re afraid. The police uncovered Gus’ money routing number. It was in a picture frame that was in the evidence room. Walt’s magnet stunt caused it to be exposed. D’oh….

3. Everybody is afraid of Walt. He’s coming off as a wild child and he might just be getting a little too big for his britches.