'Breaking Bad' Stars Reveal Character Connections In Rolling Stone

August 1, 2012 By:

Three episodes in to the new season, it’s official: “Breaking Bad” is as good as it’s ever been. So, why not give them a Rolling Stone cover already?

After countless Emmys, critical acclaim, and a massive cult following, the AMC hit can add the new honor to its shelf of awards. In the cover story, Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul talk about how they broke bad and it turns out their real lives have close connections to what their characters go through on screen.

“I have some anger issues,” said Cranston.

You’re not kidding! The actor plays Walt, one of the scariest dudes on TV right now. According to Cranston who has previously said that any human being has a breaking point, the character’s rage is channeled from an ugly divorce that his parents went through.

“There was alcohol abuse. And there were broken lives,” he said. “There were two broken people. It was ugly. I didn't see my father for 10 years."

For Paul, the plotline touches even closer to home. One of his past girlfriend’s became a meth addict, reminiscent of (SPOILER) Jesse’s heroine-addicted girlfriend Jane, played by Krysten Ritter, who died of an overdose.

“It went from coke and then it escalated to meth. Meth is the one that grabbed, like, nails-deep into her soul and slowly just ripped it out,” said Paul. “She was this beautiful being, turned to this hollow shell."

Not that Paul is totally against drugs, though… Just the dangerous ones. In fact, when it comes to a little marijuana from time to time, Paul is all for it.

“If I go to the dentist, I'll get an eighth. I am against pills. I don't even take Advil. I think pot 100 percent should be legalized,” he said.

On the cover shot, Cranston and Paul stand shoulder to shoulder with the desert set in the background. They appear in character, both stone-faced and hardened from now five seasons of expertly sculpted drama.

Even show creator Vince Gilligan offers his thoughts in the interview. For the producer, he is not worried that fans won’t feel satisfied with the conclusion of the series, but that the show will be the pinnacle of his career.

“I fear for the day when this is over," Gilligan said. "I honestly fear that this will be the highlight of my career. And you don't want it to be!"

And to anyone that actually thinks that, I say, “Uh, have you not seen ‘The X Files?’” I don’t think Vince, Cranston, or Paul will be forgotten any time soon.

The “Breaking Bad” Rolling Stone issue hits stands Friday. The show airs Sundays at 10/9c on AMC.