'Breaking Bad': Five Predictions We Hope Don’t Come True

July 15, 2012 By:

Have you heard of this little show called “Breaking Bad?” Is that even a question?

The meth-fueled riot fest that is AMC’s modern day cult series has inspired quite a following. So much so that it’s got people dropping cable providers who have nixed the network.

And, of course, with an obsessive support base comparable with the hardest of the hardcore Star Wars fanatics, you know there are bound to be speculations of what’s to come.

Now, for your reading pleasure, as you gnaw at your fingernails in anticipation of Sunday night’s season five premiere, chow down on some of our own predictions.

No, this isn’t based on any insider knowledge. And no, we’re not experts on the subject. But who cares, it’s all in good fun!

Here are five predictions that we truly hope don't come true in the final season of one of our favorite shows.

(SPOILER ALERT: If you ain’t caught up on the series, you may not want to read this.)

Recurrence of Walter’s Cancer

How do you make a show this big come first circle? End it the same way it started: with cancer.

Walter’s cancer has been in remission for several seasons now, but the drug world that he secured his family’s financial future with has held on strong.

If the show’s creator Vince Gilligan wants to get rid of his star, terminal cancer would surely do the trick. Even Walt can’t think his way out of that one.

Jesse ODs.

Jesse’s had his drug problems in the past. Season four left off with Walter’s partner more or less back on track with his life.

But meth – like “Breaking Bad” itself – is hard to stay away from once you get a taste. If Jesse’s not careful, he could end up in an eternal slumber like his ex-girlfriend Krysten Ritter.

Walter Jr. Joins the Family Business.

Walter’s wife Skyler has already joined forces with him out of necessarity to keep the family’s high cash flow under wraps.

Shows like “Weeds” have proven that getting the whole family involved in the business brings a slew of new problems to the surface.

With Walter Jr. being so close to the action, it’s almost inevitable that he’ll get involved in some level this season. It could even end up a la Godfather with Walter handing over his secret recipe to the youngster.

Hank Discovers Walter’s Secret.

Walter’s brother Hank has been sniffing at Walt’s trail for four seasons now. If he doesn’t catch on soon, we’ll just have to write him off as one of the worst cops of all time.

But we know better than that…

Hank’s bound to find out sooner or later, and I highly doubt his loyalty to his bro is enough to look the other way. He’ll find out and then he can’t be trusted. He’ll be forced to kill or be killed.

Walter Gets Whacked… Finally.

Yeah, you’re all thinking it. It’s the presence of this horrible possibility in every single episode that keeps us on the edge of our seats.

Let’s face it… Walter whacked Gus, and Gus was the head honcho. Now Walter – as the posters proclaim – is the “King.” But others – including the Mexican cartel - want control of that throne.

With it being the last season, this might (unfortunately) be the time things finally catch up to Walt after all. Either that, or he’ll have to fake his own death.

Tune in with us Sunday night to see if any of this comes true. “Breaking Bad” starts July 15th at 10/9c on AMC.