Brandon Davis Thinks He's Important

June 17, 2008 By:
Brandon Davis Thinks He's Important

Poor greasy bear, he's convinced he's still important. Brandon Davis has not only been exiled from LA Hotspots, he's worn out his welcome in NYC too.

While partying at 1Oak last week, greasy bear became annoyed when he had to wait to use the bathroom like all the other regular folks.

Spies say Davis, "sweating and yelling like a crazy person," and that he began shouting at the bathroom attendants.

Later on in the night "some model type put her hand on his wrist, and he flipped and yelled, 'Don't touch me! Do you know who I am?' People were disgusted. One girl yelled, 'You're not anybody! You're famous for being a loser!' "

He was apparently also overheard saying, "I'm moving to Geneva." Good riddance! The states have seen enough Brandon Davis for a lifetime.