Brandon Davis Lashes Out Lindsay Lohan

August 17, 2006 By:

Maybe rehab doesn’t cure everything. This past week oil heir and Paris Hilton sidekick Brandon Davis was spotted drinking in Miami and uttering his famous word “Firecrotch”. Brandon was at the launch party for Paris Hilton’s debut album at Suite in Miami. According to the New York Post a drunken Davis climbed onstage and announced to the crowd, "I wrote a special new song called 'Firecrotch,' and it's for Lindsay Lohan!" He proceeded to ramble on, reminding folks about his infamous online video rant against the actress, which led him to check into rehab in the first place. As we mentioned earlier this week, record producer Scott Storch, who also produced Hilton's album has actually made a “Firecrotch song and has been playing it at any club he attends. Hollywood is so mean! What is interesting is that not so long ago, Brandon Davis was talking smack about BFF Paris. Check out this picture that Hollyscoop found of Brandon and his brother Jason mocking the Hiltons. These people really need help! Maybe it’s just the alcohol talking!