Brandi Glanville: Yeah, I Slashed Eddie Cibrian's Tires

February 7, 2012 By:
Brandi Glanville: Yeah, I Slashed Eddie Cibrian's Tires

If you ask your child what he or she wants to be when they grow up, and they respond, “a Real Housewife!” you’re in trouble.

On Monday night’s installment of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion, Brandi Glanville butted heads with Taylor Armstrong, because there’s never a time on this show where all the grown women are getting along with all the other grown women.

Anyway, Taylor attempted to publicly embarrass Glanville, whose ex-husband, Eddie Cibirian, famously cheated on and left her for LeAnn Rimes in 2009. Taylor accused Brandi of slashing Eddie’s tires when she found out about his affair.

Turns out, Brandi Glanville doesn’t embarrass easy and is actually fine with people knowing she slashes tires when she's angry.

“I just took the tires, and I put the knife into his motorcycles,” Glanville admitted. “Then I told him, ‘Don’t ride them, because you’re probably going to get hurt.’”
This is the same woman who publically bragged to banging Gerard Butler, fully knowing that the actor would probably pretend he had no idea who she was. So I don’t know why Taylor thought she could sully Brandi’s reputation with this.

Kyle Richards defended her friend, Taylor, calling Glanville 'Angry Spice.' Them's fightin' words. Kyle and Brandi had their own beef earlier this season after Brandi called out Kyle's sister, Kim, for having some sort of drug abuse problem. But anyway, Kyle asked Brandi to show some sympathy and compassion, because Taylor recently became a single mom.

“She’s been through enough this year,” Richards pleaded to Glanville. “Be a little sympathetic.”