Brandi Glanville Done With LeAnn Rimes Drama

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Brandi Glanville Done With LeAnn Rimes Drama
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On Saturday, the Family Equality Council threw their annual awards dinner. It was a star-studded night held at the Globe Theatre in Universal Studios.

Dinner and cocktails were served to guests. Honors were distributed to members of the arts and entertainment world as well as activists working to advance the rights of the LGBT community within family life.

Showing up to the glitzy affair to support the cause were familiar faces like Jane Lynch, Lisa Kudrow, Rumer Willis, and the one and only Brandi Glanville.

The “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star walked the carpet at the event and later was spotted dancing along to “Ladies Night” by Kool & The Gang.

Brandi’s tell-all book, Drinking & Tweeting—which spills on the ongoing love triangle drama between her, LeAnn Rimes and ex Eddie Cibrian—arrives on shelves today. It is expected to be gobbled up by “RHWBH” fans.

The reality star explains that the book will put an end to the public feud, at least on her end. After the book comes out, she says, she’s done talking about it.

“I am closing that chapter in my life,” says Brandi. “It is kind of hard because you have to drag up that past to get over it. It is what it is and I am going to do it.”

While we won’t be hearing about it as much, it doesn’t mean that Brandi and LeAnn won’t be going at it like hens behind closed doors.

“I am so over it. When I look at the timeline and it is all of this stuff about them, I am like ‘ugh!’” she says. “It is just exhausting. I am ready for the next conversation. I am ready to change it.”