What's Up with All the Celebrity Men and Bathtubs?

March 27, 2014 By:
What's Up with All the Celebrity Men and Bathtubs?
Image By: Butch Hogan/1883/DNA/Bedlam

Honestly, what’s up with all the male celebs in bathtubs?

Because they’re everywhere.

DNA Magazine

Bradley Cooper. In a bathtub.


From glossy magazines to ad campaigns, photographers love to put a celebrity male in a bathtub.


Benedict Cumberbatch. In a bathtub.


We’re not complaining, really.

Essence Magazine

Who’d complain about Idris Elba? In a bathtub.


But what’s the deal?

Rolling Stone

John Mayer. In a bathtub.


We asked our photo editor, who told us bathtubs are a go-to metaphor for vulnerability.


Tom Hiddleston. In a bathtub.


Look how vulnerable this staging is.

Albane Navizet

Ryan Gosling. In a bathtub.


Bathe in all the vulnerability.


Theo James. In a bathtub.


We don’t see this concept ending any time soon.

Arena Magazine

James McAvoy. In a bathtub.


For as long as civilization uses bathtubs…

Butch Hogan

Ian Somerhalder. In a bathtub.


We’ll continue to plop celebrity men in them.


Eddie Cibrian. In a bathtub.



People en espanol

William Levy. In a bathtub.


Anyway, enjoy your celebrity men.


Michael Fassbender. ON a bathtub.


Chillin’ in bathtubz.

Louis Vuitton

Michael Phelps. In a bathtub.