Renee and Bradley Still On?

October 27, 2009 By:
Renee and Bradley Still On?

Over the weekend there were rumors going around that Bradley Cooper had called off his relationship with Renee Zellweger because he wasn't ready for a serious commitment.

Now, the NYDN is reporting that the two are still in fact together and contrary to original reports, Bradley is taking things to the next level. He wants to introduce Renee to his family!

Renee will reportedly go to Philadelphia for the holidays to spend time with Cooper and his family.

“Things have been heading in this direction for the two of them for a while,” a source told the paper, “but this definitely solidifies how serious they are.

“Renee says she’s nervous, and she’s really hoping it goes well. She’s very excited.”

The source also said that their romance is “quite serious. Renee and Bradley are crazy about each other.”

Do you like these two as a couple? We feel like it's Bradley's time to shine and he should embrace it and be single. Bradley should be community property just like Gerard Butler and George Clooney.