Renee and Bradley Planning for a Baby?

April 13, 2010 By:
Renee and Bradley Planning for a Baby?

Renee Zellweger is putting the pressure on our man Bradley Cooper. Rumor on the block is that she has given him an ultimatum: have a baby, or the relationship is over.

Let's hope he chooses for the relationship to be over because Bradley Cooper is meant to be single for all us ladies.

The reason Renee is reportedly freaking out is because she is 40 and feels like her biological time clock is ticking. The only problem is that Bradley is only 35 and his career is just taking off. After years of playing the "best friend" in movies, he is finally getting starring roles.

“Renee knows her biological clock is ticking and she’s desperate to settle down and have a family,” a source said.

“She has told Bradley in no uncertain terms that if he doesn’t agree to raise a child with her, she sees no future for them as a couple.

“Renee is even prepared to adopt if she isn’t able to get pregnant.”

We're hoping these are just silly rumors just like the marriage rumors.